Current Leader: Year 3999, Felix Dauphin

Age: 999 Years

Leader Title: Hegemone

Population: 890,000,000,000 Approximately

Capital Planet: Earth

Planets Occupied: 2,100

Predominate Species: Human

Founding History:

The Empire of Man was founded around the year 2990. A man by the name of Alexander Dauphin, a radical politician and founder of the Security group known as the Inter Galactic Superior Security (ISS), used his military might and political influence to bring all humans under one rule. This was difficult for within the empire of man were many apposing factions.

Year 2690:

The Aerolites were the individuals who stayed on Earth after the devastating War World 5 which nearly wiped out humanity in the year  2500. The Earth had a mere population of 10 billion. Those who remained after this war either stayed on Earth to begin repairs or left to explore the universe and all it had to offer. The Aerolites stayed in hopes of reviving the Earth and making it better than ever before. The Aerolites branched out to nearby planets making them habitable as well and using them for military bases and other resource buildings. This lead to a a sector of man kind that was smart and extremely technologically advanced.

The TerraNovians were those who migrated to further galaxies. They traveled in massive ships with artificial atmosphere and serve as a planet within their own right. These ships could provide Shelter, food, and needed resources for up to a thousand years.  The TerraNovians focused on modifying their bodies so they could thrive on whatever planet they may live on. This lead to the durable, versatile, and tough breed of man capable of enduring many planet's atmospheres.

Year 2801:

As time passed these two factions went about their business building up their own personal empires. Around the year 2800 the factions collided in an all out war. No one truly understands what triggered the war. Some leading analyst suggested rivalry while others suggest that because they have changed so much they were unable to recognize each other as human or were not willing to accept their human counterpart upon contact.

War lasted for about close to 200 years. Durring this time the ISS was founded by the wealthy business man and politician Alexander Dauphin. He was born a TerraNovian and raised ab Aerolite. He gained understanding of both factions. He soon began to draw up a plan for a new government. With the help of his corporation/private military the ISS and his political influence he began a plan that would bring forth ever lasting change. He convinced many that despite their individual differences Humans should unite and fight together. People of both the TerraNovians and Aerolite began to worship him for his power and wisdom and leadership of both sides offered that they would unite under one condition. That Alexander Dauphin would rule over man kind and see to the Establishment of the Empire of Man.

At this point in time the average human life spawn was 150 years. Alexander lived to be 210. He ruled to the moment of his death. He became Hegemone at the age of 50. Therefore he ruled for roughly 160 years. During this time mankind advanced like never before. Humans soon discovered that they were not the only galaxy wide empire of such size but from past experience humans learned not to seize

every encounter with a foreign species as a chance for war and expansion but as a chance to seek out new allies and a time to use diplomacy.