Universe Federation

The story starts in the year 3999. The Empire of Man (EOM) current military agenda seems to involve bringing the entire universe under the rule of man. The Voltarian Republic (VR) main agenda is to maintain order within the universe. These are the two largest universal empires and they both fall under an even bigger organization called the Universe Federation (UF).

Each Universal Empire must maintain control of all the planets under their jurisdiction. Each planet under a faction must have the presence of their government and a population of no less than one million people. All citizens who live on a planet under the UF is automatically a UF citizen.

The UF is a large government that maintains order and law between the empires it presides over . It is lead by a council of members from the top four empires. The empires are The Empire of Man, The Voltarian Republic, The Alvarian Empire, and Kwarian Universal Pact.

The Darkness Legion

The Darkness Legion is a government of those who wish to terminate the Universe Federation. They are very secrative and have weaseled their way into many governments'. This empire was formed by rouge members of both the Empire of Man and the Voltarian Republic. Bonded by hate the members of this group went forth to form their own government and seek out their own space. Starting out with a little over 600 million people they have grown to include a whopping 10 trillion and several systems.

The Darkness Legion is precise and deadly but for the past 2 thousand years they have made no advances on the UF and so they have been forgotten.

List of Super Factions

  • Universe Federation [UF]
  • The Darkness Legion [TDL]
  • The Rise [TR]

List of Factions

  • [UF] The Empire of Man
  • [UF] The Voltarian Republic
  • Warriors United
  • [TDL] Renji Imperials
  • The Alvarian Empire
  • Kwarian Pact
  • Kvakian